Alinda Ware

Alinda is a teacher living in Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Now retired, she continues to be extremely busy with philanthropic and educational volunteer work.

Upon retirement, having spent much of her life in British Columbia, Alinda thought of volunteering in something outside of her home province, and when an opportunity occurred through another retired friend to travel to Kakamega, Kenya with a group called the Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES), she couldn’t pass it up. CHES is a BC-based charity that sponsors girls in Kenya and Tanzania who cannot otherwise afford their high school fees.

Alinda ended up staying in Kenya and working with CHES for 6 months, where she was able to meet many outstanding Kenyans, work with bright, very poor, and highly motivated students, and be part of the reason they were able to be in school.

Having now returned several times to Kakamega, Alinda observed that, while much excellent work was being done to support the education of young girls, many of the young men were also unable to afford school fees and were in much need of support. Thus, Alinda, her husband, John, a Kenyan friend, and several other Canadians formed a group called the Boys Educational Endowment Fund (BEEF), which later became known as the Kenya Education Endowment Fund (KEEF). KEEF has enabled hundreds of students to escape poverty, create a better life for themselves, and, ultimately, make positive change in their own communities as educated leaders.

Alinda and John continued to organize life-skill workshops for CHES students over the years, and even after John passed, their collective passion lived on through Alinda, who continued returning back to Kakamega in support of CHES and KEEF. To this day, Alinda returns to Kakamega 6 months a year to work with KEEF and provide support to KEEF’s many students. In addition to her work with KEEF, Alinda is also very active in service with Rotary, both in BC and Kenya.