Desta Negatu

Desta started a non-profit in Ethiopia that cares for 50 children:

Desta Negatu is a Winnipegger who cares for 50 children in her home town of Korem, Ethiopia. Her philosophy in life is to always give, no matter how little you may have.

Desta runs an Ethiopian restaurant, Harman’s Café, and in her spare time she runs a small Ethiopian non-profit called Bete Desta that provides food, clothing and a safe space to 50 children.

Desta quietly supported these children for many years by saving all of her personal income. As Desta’s customers got to know her in Winnipeg, they encouraged her to hold a fundraiser. That was 5 years ago. Today, over 100 Canadians support Bete Desta annually, and more importantly, because of the support, 50 children in Ethiopia can continue to go to school with food in their bellies and warm clothing on their backs.