Deva-Marie Beck and Wayne Kines

Wayne Kines grew up admiring nurses, so it’s no surprise that he ended up marrying not one, but two of them. His former wife passed away shortly after she had finished reading a dissertation written by Deva-Marie Beck that explored the work of Florence Nightingale through an international development lens. When Deva-Marie first started writing about Nightingale, who passionately promoted global health to the public, she wondered what the founder of modern nursing might have accomplished had she had access to a fax machine. Today, she wonders what she might have done with YouTube.

In 2003, Wayne invited Deva-Marie along with two other Nightingale scholars to Toronto to develop the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health and launch a Declaration for nurses and concerned citizens to dedicate themselves to a healthy world. Fifteen years later, Deva-Marie and Wayne – since married, and still very much in love –  are spending their ‘retirement’ travelling the world and advocating for universal health and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Having witnessed the founding of the World Health Organization as a teenager, Wayne notes, “You can’t build a healthy world with unhealthy people.”

Since 2010, the two of them have been working with their ‘NIGH Uganda’ colleagues Jeniffer Mukhwana, Andrew Mukhwana, and Bwambale Fauza to address the health needs of African peoples.