Henry Reinders

Henry Reinders is a retired dairy farmer in Meaford, Ontario. He organized the Bighead River growing project for more than 20 years. Through the project, a group of people plant, tend and harvest a crop. Once sold, they donate the proceeds to Canadian Foodgrains Bank for its work in ending global hunger. In February, Reinders travelled to Malawi with the Foodgrains Bank to see how his contributions are used. “I think it’s important that we share what we know to help those who are less fortunate. It gives me great hope that we can help many more farmers – many more people – in countries like Malawi become self-sufficient and food secure,” he says. Since then, Reinders has written letters to his MP and advocates for an increase in Canadian aid. He continues to support the Foodgrains Bank through the growing project and is planning a World Food Day concert to help raise more funds for the cause. Here he is pictured with Malawian farmer Danny Gwira.