Caleigh encouraged his students to support Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl program to draw attention to the barriers girls around the world face in accessing education

Caleigh is proud to be a teacher at Primrose Public School in Halifax. For the past 15 years, he has taught grades 3 and 4 (and sometimes 5). He lives with his partner Maxwell, their three children, and two golden retrievers, who are nothing but trouble.

Caleigh has always recognized his privilege as a white man of Irish descent growing up in Canada. In his role as a teacher, he feels he can make a difference. Earlier this year, he spoke to his grade 4 students about the difficulties many children around the world encounter when trying to access education – especially girls who may be expected to stay home or feel embarrassed about going to school when they have their periods.

When his students expressed interest in doing something about this, Caleigh encouraged them to start a letter-writing campaign sending messages to government officials about the issue, and also supporting Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl program.