Yasmin works with Lawyers Without Borders to find justice for women and girls who have experienced sexual assault

Yasmin grew up in Iran and moved to Canada with her parents before starting high school. As a survivor of sexual violence, she spent years volunteering as a counsellor at the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Edmonton while training in the military. She has now been serving in the military for the past 8 years and has travelled around the world.

On many of her tours, Yasmin would hear the stories of women and girls who had been sexually assaulted, often as a weapon of war. They received little to no support in terms of therapy and legal advice. Many of them try to ignore the effects of the trauma they experienced, as they don’t believe they will ever find justice.

Inspired by the MeToo movement, Yasmin now works in connection with Lawyers Without Borders to identify women and girls who have experienced sexual violence and are seeking legal justice. She speaks with the survivors directly to find out what they want to do and follows their lead. Many of the people she has worked with will have the opportunity to testify in court and have their story heard.