Who we are

We are Canadians from every walk of life. We are from across the political spectrum. We work in hospitals, farms, schools, restaurants, studios, clothing stores, and supermarkets. We run businesses, we inspire people, and we invent and create and build. 

Whether Canadians by birth or by choice, we care about our families and our communities across Canada and around the world.

Canadian Aid Champions

Janet Siddall

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Janet, a proud grandmother of four, dedicates her volunteer hours…

Alinda Ware

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Alinda, her husband, John, a Kenyan friend, and several other Can…

Jacky Habib

Toronto, Ontario

Jacky Habib is a freelance journalist who provides media training…

Durdana Choudry

Brampton, Ontario

Durdana advocates for gender equality, girls’ rights, and sexual…

Deva-Marie Beck and Wayne Kines

Neepawa, Manitoba

Deva-Marie and Wayne are spending their ‘retirement’ travelling t…

Henry Reinders

Meaford, Ontario

Henry Reinders is a retired dairy farmer who raises funds to end…

Desta Negatu

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Desta cares for 50 children in her home town of Korem, Ethiopia.

Donna Dagg

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Donna Dagg is leading fair trade forward in her community

Grace Hill

Ottawa, Ontario

Grace is starting a not-for-profit in South Sudan to build a shel…


Tell us about the contributions that you, your friends, your family, and your colleagues are making internationally, and the positive impact these contributions are having on our world.

Inspirational Stories of Canadian Aid

Isabelle :

Isabelle has learned so much from farming partnerships in Senegal

André :

André wants Indigenous peoples to have access to clean water

Dyaritaou :

Dyaritaou is working on the Ebola vaccine with the World Health O…

Caleigh :

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Caleigh encouraged his students to support Plan International’s B…

Yasmin :

Edmonton, Alberta

Yasmin works with Lawyers Without Borders to find justice for wom…

Noa :

Ottawa, Ontario

Noa leads a women’s political group called Mujeres por la paz.

These fictional stories are intended to serve as inspiration for future submissions. While they may reference real locations and organizations, they do not reflect any particular person or narrative.


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