We are Canada

We Support Canadian Aid

We are a nationwide movement to help create a better world.

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What is Canada’s Role in Our Changing World?

We define ourselves as a generous and outward-looking country.
We believe in working together to cultivate human growth and development. We believe in protecting the earth and all of its inhabitants. We believe in building bridges rather than walls.

Who are we?
We are proud, Caring and Generous.

We are responsible to our families, our communities, and our countries at home and abroad.

We are Canadians from every walk of life. We are from across the political spectrum. We work in hospitals, farms, schools, restaurants, studios, clothing stores and supermarkets. We run businesses, we invent and create, we entertain people and we build things. Whether we are Canadians by birth or by choice, we appreciate what our country has given us.

We Support Canadian Aid.

We want Canada to be there – whenever we are needed – to help rebuild and to inspire hope, resilience, and self-sufficiency.

Together, we can make a difference at home and abroad.

We are Bigger than our Borders.

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