We are Canada
We support canadian aid

We are a nationwide movement to help create a stronger world

What is Canada’s role in our changing world?

We are a compassionate, generous, and outward-looking country.
We believe in working together to cultivate human growth and development. We believe in building bridges rather than walls.

Who are we?

We are Canadians who care about our families and our communities
at home and around the world

Janet Siddall

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Janet, a proud grandmother of four, dedicates her volunteer hours…

Alinda Ware

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Alinda, her husband, John, a Kenyan friend, and several other Can…

Jacky Habib

Toronto, Ontario

Jacky Habib is a freelance journalist who provides media training…

We support Canadian aid

We want Canada to be there – whenever and wherever we are needed.
We want Canada to help rebuild a world of hope, resilience, and self-sufficiency.

Together we can make a difference at home and abroad.

We are Bigger Than Our Borders.

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